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    Dec 2007

    Smile ZombieRat

    Hi!, I am The Bo$$

    My Remote Access Trojan, ZombieRat, can be download Download
    It is detected by McAfee(New BackDor1) and Panda(Suspicious File)
    The Trojan Port is 4455, and enter in Start Up Registry

    It's made in Delphi 2005, and ASM, and has more functions

    -Open CD-ROM,
    -Close CD-ROM,
    -Open Web Page,
    -Set Home Page,
    -Log OFff,
    -Simultate Keyboard,
    -Kill Process,
    -Delete File,
    -Open File,
    -Show Proccess,
    -Show Hard-Disk,
    -Open Windows Program -Msconfig, Calculator, Paint, Narrator, NotePade,WordPad, RegEdit, Clock,
    -Get Computer Name
    -Get Server Path.
    -Yahoo! Messenger Scam(with this you cane steel Yahoo! Password)
    -Set Data/Time
    -Block Input
    -Disable TaskManager and Hide Shutdown Clock
    -Suspend PC
    -Empty Recycle Bin
    -Hide Start button
    -Block mouse in a Rect
    -Turn off monitor
    -Change Start Button Caption
    -Print Text
    -Del .exe
    -Mute Sound
    -No mute Sound
    -Fuck Winamp
    -Fuck Yahoo!
    -Freeze Mouse
    -Stop Freeze Mouse
    -Swap Mouse
    -Make 226 MB in C:
    -Make 100 Folders
    -Hide Desktop Icons
    -Show Desktop Icons
    -Hide TaskBar
    -Show TaskBar
    -Crazy PC Start
    -Stop Crazy Pc Start
    -Get Yahoo Buzz
    -Open Start Menu
    -Show PIG picture
    -Crazy Led
    -Minimize all Windows
    -Shutdown Menu
    -Get 100 Errors
    -Change Wallpaper
    -Open ScreenSaver
    -Get 100 Warning
    -Mouse Go Crazy
    -Hide Clock
    -Fake X Error Messages
    -Fake X Warning Messages
    -Fake X Information Messages
    -Fake X Question Messages
    -Matrix Chat
    -Change Matrix Chat Size
    -Change Matrix Chat Font
    -Change Matrix Chat Color
    -Get User and more

    This is my program, i hope like it

    Contract my at:
    E-mail adress: the.boss_hacker [@] yahoo [.] com
    Y! Messenger: the.boss_hacker

    A ScreenShot with my Program

    Have a lucky day!

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    Avatar eMCe
    eMCe jest offline Emil Grzegorz Gubała
    Dec 2006


    OK. I moved your thread and in free time I will check up your Trojan.

    Trojan is ok!
    /* Kaspesky Internet Security is discovering your application as:
    Trojan.Win32.Delf.alw */
    Good job! PS. My english isn't good
    Ostatnio edytowane przez eMCe : 12-28-2007 - 14:05
    Agencja reklamy kielce (mały kilkudniowy case pozycjonerski )

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