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Temat: Hacking Iranian Regime!

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    Jun 2009

    Domyślnie Hacking Iranian Regime!

    According to latest news many Iranian government websites got hacked. Unfortunately it seems that there are some skilled guys working for both sides. After very violent clashes, which took place on streets of Iranian cities yesterday, the main website of Iranian opposition leader (http://ghalamnews.ir) was hacked in the morning and now is being used for spreading disinformation among Iranians.
    Moreover access to Western news sites and communication routes that are necessary for organizing and running rallies and fights against government forces, police and Islamic milita are blocked for those who are inside Iran. The only thing we can do is to give the oppressed Iranians access to these sources of information and communication routes by setting up proxy servers that can allow them to bypass government filters. Please do so if you can and share these request with anyone you know that may be able to help!

    I am sure you are all skilled enough to do it yourself but here is (http://blog.austinheap.com/2009/06/15/h ... -citizens/) a lame guide how to setup a proxy in Windows. The more important info on this site is an email address where you can send the IP of your proxy when you finish. Please DON'T publicize you proxy address. If you do so it will get blocked by Iranian government quickly!

    Please if this is not a proper subforum for this post move it but don't consider it spam, It was very hard for me to identify the proper subforum!
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    Jun 2009


    It is getting worse and worse. Probably today there was more bloodshed then ever in Iran.
    Does anyone help by setting up proxies? Please use your skills to help these people!

    You can follow cyberwar and calls to hackers on twitter: http://search.twitter.com/search?q=%23iranelection+hack

    Please do what you can!

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