Oto mój problem... ściagnąłem program Aikido 3D z dołączonym programem i instrukcja znalezienia odpowiedniego kodu aby aktywowac ten program. Niestety problem zaczyna sie z nieaktywnym przyciskiem "Replacing values hexa" i nie moge kontynuować całej operacji... kompletnie nie znm sie na programach tego typu dlatego prosze was o pomoc...

Hello friends, new forista writing from single Chile to share with you something that aprendi with respect to Armadillo.
A great one understood in desensamblar is not necessary to be I cosay to qualify this excellent program. Watch, is asi of
facil: The installer makes certain calculos in the computer in which he runs, then he obtains fingerprint that is unico for
each East PC process runs in ram memory, and obtains a key of the type: 3576-A172.... then if entrance the name of been
worth user and contrase?as is going them to checkear against this I cosay to validate it. But, that so if instead of
crackear and disarming all I cosay simply... we changed this fingerprint stored in memory which we know convenience to
activate the product.

Necessary tools: - Any publisher of ram memory: I use for this one WinHex call v13. It is a software very peque?o and
coway, which can lower with facility by torrent (attention: they need to activate it, it does not serve to the version
shareware as evaluation). - We needed fingerprint, valued user now and I cosay of activation. - and of course we needed
to install software that we want to activate. In this case the coveted Aikido3d.


1-Instale and activates WinHex

2-Instale aikido3d

3-executes aikido3d, you must arrive until the part in which it shows fingerprint to you for your PC. I DO NOT CLOSE THIS

4-it executes WinHex, now click in opening ram (we are going to publish the ram directly). It looks for travez of arbol
all the programs loaded in your ram until finding aikido3d. Now click on?l to see submodulos, and click in
"Complete Memory" and to accept.

5-Ok, aqui biene the good thing: you remember fingerprint that you mostro in step 3, good we must look for it and to
replace it by fingerprint valued that assumes we obtained previously. But attention: I cosay we must write it alrevez by
the inverse subject of notacion of variables. Then click in Search, and click in Replacing values hexa..As a example we suppose that ours fingerprint (of step 3) is 3576-A172. Click in Search and click in Replacing Hexa values.
Then in the text window "to look for" we must write 72A17635 (without script obvious) and now ours fingerprint been worth
must be entered in the same way the text field "to replace with", is to say in inverted order. Click in "replacing
everything" and accepting.
6-Ahora returns to the window from aikido3d, and simply the user writes and I cosay of activation and. that estodo, the
registry becomes at registry level of Win, asi that not flock, all this process becomes a single time.