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Temat: Prośba o pomoc

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    Oct 2018

    Domyślnie Prośba o pomoc

    Witajcie, dostałęm takiego maila, jest się czego obawiać? Co teraz z tym zrobić?

    How are you?

    So I'm the hacker who broke your e-mail as well as device a few weeks ago.

    You entered your passcode on one of the web pages you visited, and I intercepted that.

    Here is your security password from tom***@*****.fm on time of hack: ******
    Clearly one can will change it, or already changed it.

    Still it does not make any difference, my malware updated it each and every time.

    Do not really attempt to get in touch with me personally or find me, it is impossible, since I sent this email from your account only.

    By means of your own e-mail, I uploaded malicious program code to your Operation System.

    I saved all of your current contacts with friends, colleagues, loved ones along with the entire record of visits to the Online resources.

    Additionally I set up a Malware on your device.

    You are not my only victim, I usually lock pcs and ask for the ransom.

    But I was struck by the websites of passionate content that you frequently go to.

    I am in surprise of your current fantasies! I've never ever noticed something like this!

    Thus, when you had fun on piquant web-sites (you know what I mean!) I created screen shot with utilizing my program via your camera of yours system.

    Subsequently, I combined them to the content of the particular currently viewed web site.

    Now there is going to be giggling when I send these pics to your contacts!

    Yet I'm sure you don't need that.

    Consequently, I expect payment from you with regard to my silence.

    I feel $900 is an appropriate price with regard to this!

    Pay with Bitcoins.

    My Bitcoin wallet: 1P3kpHxA8H9cuff1RjvWCYWUCfgkhpvXdS

    If you do not understand how to do this - enter in to Google 'how to send money to the bitcoin wallet'. It is easy.

    Following getting the specified amount, all your data will be right away eliminated automatically. My virus will additionally clear away itself from your os.

    My Computer virus have auto alert, so I know when this specific email is read.

    I give you 2 days (Forty eight hrs) to make the payment.

    If this does not occur - all your friends will get nuts pictures from your darkish secret life and your device will be blocked as well after two days.

    Do not end up being silly!

    Police force or buddies won't support you for sure ...

    p.s I can give you advice with regard to the future. Don't key in your security passwords on unsafe web-sites.

    I hope for your prudence.

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    Feb 2008


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